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Commonwealth Coordinated Care Plus (CCC Plus)

CCC Plus Waiver Program serves individuals with a disability and a daily medical need(s); and it serves Children and adults over age with significant medical needs. Services include: Adult Day Care, Personal Assistance Services, Private Duty Nursing, Respite Care, Services Facilitation, Assistive Technology (AT), Environmental Modifications (EM), Personal Emergency Response System, and Transition Services. If enrolled in Money Follows the Person.

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Eligibility Requirements and How To Apply

Has your child been denied for Commonwealth Coordinated Care Plus in Early Intervention? Go to section 4.5 page 54.

To be eligible for the CCC Plus Waiver...

  • You must have a medical or nursing need(s).

  • If under age 65, you must also have a disability. (Note: mental illness solely does not qualify as a disability for this waiver).

  • You must meet the criteria for the Uniform Assessment Instrument.

  • To utilize the waiver, individuals must  apply for and qualify for Medicaid if not already enrolled in Medicaid.  You do not have to be enrolled in Medicaid when you apply for a waiver.

To apply for the CCC Plus waiver, contact your local Departments of Health OR Social Services. Requests for the waiver may also occur if the individual is hospitalized.  There is no waiting list for this waiver.

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